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best e cigaretteJAC Vapour E Cig Review

E cigarettes have become quite popular as the alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. While some people use it because it less harmful than tobacco, others have seen it as a step towards quitting cigarettes altogether. However, not all e cigs you find in the market will depict desirable quality and characteristics. In order to find the best e cigarette, you will need to keenly review any offer you find especially now that there are reports about exploding e cigs from cheap quality manufacturers and brands. Here is a descriptive review of JAC Vapour which is one of the popular brands in the UK:

What is JAC-Vapour e cigarette?
Reading through any of the e cigarette reviews UK brands will definitely make mention of JAC Vapour. It is one of the most reputable e cig brands in the UK and they are based in Scotland. It has been around the market for a quite a few years already and it is established as one of the popular premium kit e cigarettes you will find within the region.

The product features
JAC Vapour comes with a premium 92% e cig kit and there are offers from as low as £18 to £39. Within the box, you get the following;
• A portable charging case
• 2 V3i batteries available in different sizes
• 5 cartomizers and 5 different coloured bangs of cartomizers
• 2 LED battery tips and
• USB charging cable

JAC-Vapour-NewThe company has released several e cig models including VGO1, VGO 2, the E series and V1P among others. All starter kits feature these components all enclosed in a small stylish casing.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Brand
JAC Vapour is considered the best e cigarette brand in the UK for various obvious reasons. For starters, they provide a sleek impressive portable casing to carry all the accessories and e cigs. This is unlike any case you will find and cannot be compared with the plastic cases that you will generally be embarrassed of taking out in public. Rather, it is a sleek aluminium slide case that does not take any effort to glide in and out of your pocket. Nonetheless, there are various cons of any given e cig and JAC Vapour definitely has some. Here is a review of the pros and cons of some common fronts;
• Battery life – There are two batteries in the starter kit which means you have an extra to use when one runs out of power. The batteries are rechargeable and last long enough allowing you to vape for a whole day. However, you should be careful when cleaning the batteries since it has become quite common for them to break and get damaged while cleaning.

• Flavour And Taste – There are different flavours/tastes you can select when buying JAC Vapour which is what every e cig user wants. The downside however, is that you are given 5 of the same flavour you selected. Some people would have loved to select a variety of flavours.

• Return Policy – JAC Vapour has a 14 day money back guarantee policy that allows you to return any product that does not meet your unique requirements. The batteries have a 42 day warranty and their personal charging cases a 4 month warranty policy. Like any other warranty, JAC Vapour does not accommodate damages and tampering with the product.

• Throat Hit – Many users have testified a smooth hit on the throat and a lot of vapour which is the ideal experience vapers are looking for in e cigarettes.
Although the batteries are not the smallest in the market, they are still decent enough and you get two to help counter the short lifespan of e cigarette batteries. JAC Vapour is also known to have the best customer service, second to none.

The Bottom-Line
In overall, JAC Vapour provides a unique acceptable sensation and stylish casing that keeps your e cigs and accessories safe. The USB charging cable can easily be plugged onto sockets, PCs and other ports that accept it. However, it is advisable to stick with the provided charging kit to avoid issues with the lithium battery which has been on recent debate following explosions of some e cigarette brands in the US after bad chargers were used. You can also re-fill your cartridges with e juice thus saving you money on the cartridges and the UK e liquid comes in large bottles. It is definitely the best e cigarette in UK.

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